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Have you ever heard it said that we should go places rather than buy things, that we should have stories to tell rather than things to show? Even if you haven’t heard this before, do you agree with it?

If you do, you likely already know about the enormous benfits that come with travel. However, if you aren’t too sure what the above thought really represents, it’s time you got your globe-trotting feet on!

So why should we all travel? Let’s take a quick look at a few significant reasons.

It’s Good For The Soul

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We all know that a change can be as good as a rest. Travelling allows you to tap into a change, while often having a rest at the same time! Indeed, experiencing another culture, landscape, cuisine and people can be nothing short of inspirational. It allows you to peer into something new, embrace something different and feel at one with humankind as a whole. Could any other experience really offer such perks? It is very doubtful!

It Helps You Grow As A Person

Being open to new experiences gives you the precious opportunity to grow as a person. It will teach you new skills, help you to develop new qualities and improve existing ones. Certainly, travel is not just about sipping a glass of sangria or playing a round of crazy golf, although do feel free to include such activities in your travel plans as well!


So the next time you are contemplating what to do with that extra few dollars you managed to save up, or how to use your bonus from work, don’t dismiss the idea of investing it in travel. Remember, you want to have stories to tell, not just things to show, so go places rather than simply buying things! Our friends that are chiropractors in Tyler Tx ( travel 4 times a year and they always give us good information and contribute to this blog. Thanks to Dr Chad and Kristy Adcock!